The Weather In Times Square

A new piece called The Weather In Times Square will premiere at Tangente on May 15th to 18th in Montreal.

Tickets and more information here.



Project Description

How to dance the weather, and why? This impossible task brings us again to the limit of representation and to the infinite capacity of the body to hold abstraction. In The Weather In Times Square, five dancers access the rhythms, relations and movements of the weather. They are a rolling cloud slowly traversing the sky; they are the rain pattering on the roof. The literal attempt to dance the weather transforms them into a non-human group, a slowly moving sculpture. And yet, they insist on language as a tool to describe and to discuss the weather. Abstraction is transformed into words and words are exchanged. Eventually we see the weather is a way of looking, a way of feeling, an encounter with the other—something beyond us, continuously undoing us. As we converse, as we come together in the theatre, as we move through life, we are moving with, and as, the weather.

[with Jana Jevtović, Kelly Keenan, Simon Portigal, Noémie Solomon, Devin Brahja Waldman, & Jacob Wren; video shot and edited by Emily Gan.]

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