True or false: we never really got to know each other

True or false: you’re getting soft

True or false: distance brings us closer

Ture or false: it’s all up in the air

True or false: someday you’ll cut your hair and I won’t recognize you

True or false: it’s the sand that smells like the ocean

Yes or no: these days it’s like everyone’s forgotten something

True or false: those clouds over there look pretty bad

True or false: never masturbate when you’re mother’s home

True or false: this is a song

Yes or no: yes

I can’t tell

True or false: you could be a lot nicer to me

True or false: 1984 was a good year

Yes or no: I’m writing all of this down

True or false: always look a girl in the eyes

True or false: there’s a fine line here

Yes or no: I was right all along


True or false: this is a stretch but…

True or false: I feel pretty good right now.

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